Over at Coloradopols this morning they posted an article by liberal hack Jason Salzman that tries to claim that the Denver Post is a stooge in conservatives' back pockets using what George W might call fuzzy math.

Sitting in his mom's basement, Salzman got out his abacus and begin counting the number of liberal and conservative columnists and came up with his conclusion that the Denver Post has an ugly secret — David Harsanyi was responsible for an overwhelming conservative bias at the Post.

Funny, you could have fooled us — we thought the Post was a liberal paper. In fact, we were pretty sure most newspapers were liberal. In fact, endless studies have proven that journalists give overwhelmingly to Democrats.

What the liberal yankee-doodles at Pols neglect is that the editorials appearing under the banner of the Denver Post are themselves overwhelmingly liberal.

Advocating higher taxes? Check.

History of favoring Democrats in endorsements? Check.

For in-state tuition for illegal immigrants? Check.

Salzman uses his fuzzy math in an attempt to bully Post editor Dan Haley into not hiring another conservative columnist to replace the outgoing Harsanyi.

Haley's not buying it. 

And neither are we. 

We love the twist that Dan Haley has brought to the Post ed page, but a conservative ed board the Post is absolutely not.