That didn't last long.

Per 'Bob':

Wow it’s been a month already? Who knew! This one will be short and sweet. Through my use of awesome internet skills, I have found out that State Senator Shawn Mitchell is the voice behind Colorado Peak Politics. I have made a deal with Grassroots Radio that I will be explaining everything. Let me make one thing clear, I did nothing illegal.

I have been able to decipher what websites our politicians look at in the capitol. One a bright note I couldn’t see anyone looking at anything pornographic on the job or illegal (unless you count Senator Ted Harvey’s obsession with Farmville). I haven’t decoded all the data, but I was very surprised to see Rep Amy Stephens consistent checking of Coloradopols. More to come.

Some of you may wonder why did I outted Shawn Mitchell? He knows why and hopefully he will learn from his mistakes.