Move over Hank Brown and Dick Lamm. A new poll from RBI Strategies of statewide voters found that former Colorado Springs Senator Dave Schultheis is the most revered and admired man in the Colorado Republican Party.

Meanwhile, liberal budget maven Carol Hedges edged out Governor John Hickenlooper and US Senator Mark Udall as the state's most respected Democratic leader.

RBI Strategies has released some quotes from those polled:

“I just respect Mr. Schultheis' straight forward approach. You rarely hear a politician have the guts saying things like, 'Babies with AIDS should die,” said Sally Corona of Monte Vista.

Concurred John Antzler from Parker, “Everyone may have quit his study group, but everyone quit Ritter's study groups too, and look how well it worked for him. I like a man who is willing to study alone, ya know.”

“I remember at one event Carol, she must have had burritos for lunch or something, but in the middle of a speech she broke wind loudly, and then bent down to smell it. I thought, that's a leader with courage,” said Dave Thomas of Boulder.

“I just wish there were more people who see the world as I do — full of other people's money that needs to be taxed into my use. Carol gets that and is not shy at trying to make that happen,” said Robert Johnston of Denver. 

Neither Schultheis or Hedges could be reached for comment. Schultheis was speaking at an anti-Amycare rally hosted by Dan Maes, and Hedges was reportedly attending a liberal symposium in Nantucket entitled “How big government liberal advocacy groups can convince their Democratic Governor to care.” 

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