We got a big AM chuckle out of the Denver Post editorial supporting a move by Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty and political-comer Rep. Brian DelGrosso that would allow local governments and schools to ask their employees to pick up more of their pension tab. You'll recall that this proposal is the major sticking point in budget negotiations between House Republicans and Senate Democrats.

Don't get us wrong. The editorial was thoughtful and correct in underlying substance. The Post ed page rightly argues that the pension move does make sense:

If enacted for a limited time, such a proposal would be a fair way to share the pain and could give local governments some much-needed breathing room.

Oh and we love that the Post showed Tim Hoover to his room.

Sunday, in his own bit of editorializing, Hoover wrote the move off as a political ploy that provided no help on the state budget. Yesterday, in our own bit of editorializing, we excoriated Hoover for this big bit of bungling BS. Today, in its own bit of editorializing, the Denver Post editorial page settled this debate on our behalf, having the sense to look at the budget debate in a broader perspective:

Opponents who say this would not help balance the state budget are correct. But it would give local governments, particularly school districts facing big cuts in state support, additional resources as they try to balance their ledgers.

Tim Hoover, go to your room!

In the end, the Post supports the House Republicans on this, the apparent final sticking point in budget negotiations. Bully for the government-cutting Legislative Republicans!

Now if the Post could only bring themselves to say McNulty or DelGrosso or any Republican by their actual God-given name.

Funny, the Post never has an issue belting GOP leadership by name when they disagree. Maybe the political right in Colorado needs our own Jason Salzman to convince the Post that it is OK to utter the words “Legislative Republican” in an editorial when they see eye-to-eye.