House Minority Leader Sal “The Fist” Pace continued his assault on his fellow Democrats with more ammo shot from the pages of the Pueblo Chieftain. Pace per the Pueblo Chieftain:

“I think it’s disappointing that a greater reduction in cuts to K-12 didn’t materialize, and it could have if the speaker didn’t insist on corporate special-interest tax cuts,” Pace told members of his party during a caucus meeting immediately after the budget compromise was announced. “We could have minimized the cut to schools to around $200 million if (McNulty) wasn’t protecting his (campaign) donors.”

So is Pace saying that Hickenlooper, Shaffer and the Democrats on the Joint Budget Committee are protecting their campaign donors as well? Are they also complicit in supposedly protecting McNulty's donors?

Or is Pace just trying to line up Big Labor for donations to his all-but-declared campaign for the Third Congressional District?

Pace's cheap ploy to position himself as the AFL-CIO's errand boy is pretty poorly played. Everyone sees right through it.