The Wall Street Journal editorial page, as it so often does, hit the nail on the political head in an editorial about Congressman Paul Ryan's revolutionary — yes, it is revolutionary — attempt to slash the deficit and save our nation from ruinous deficits.

“Mr. Ryan's budget roll out is an important political and policy moment because it is the most serious attempt to reform government in at least a generation. The plan offers what voters have been saying they want—a blueprint to address the roots of Washington's fiscal disorder. It does so not by the usual posturing (“paygo”) and symbolism (balanced budget amendment) but by going to the heart of the spending problem, especially on the vast and rapidly growing health-care entitlements of Medicaid and Medicare. The Wisconsin Republican's plan is a generational choice, not the usual Beltway echo.”

The piece speaks for itself, so we will only say…Colorado's Republican Congressmen, stand up! Draw your swords, fight for this proposal, don't back down. To the Democrats — including Mark Udall — we are watching to see if all those tough words about “balancing the budget” meant anything at all.