This is not your father's bumbling, incompetent Congressional GOP. The Republicans actually seem to be winning the "blame-game."

Historically, the President gets the upper hand in these fights. He has got a bigger microphone than the whole cacophony of Congressional types combined, and he speaks with a unity of voice that the legislative branch can never find.  

But it is a different story this year.  Republicans seem to have Obama on the run.  Neither side wants to be perceived as causing a shutdown, although we frankly would not mind one.    

A move today by Congressional Republicans to pass a continuing resolution, and $12 billion in big, fat cuts right with it, shows the Republicans are ready to cut, and to keep the government open.  Today Obama swallowed the bait like a fat boy on cream-cheese bear claws, announcing that he would veto the short term spending bill and all its cuts.

There it is, victory for the GOP in the government shutdown.  If and when the government shuts down in the next few days, it will be clear whose fault it is:    

Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama.  MMM…mmm…mmm. (Click the link to hear school children singing the praises of our Dear Leader)