After a day of self-congratulating, American liberals were left flabbergasted, head scratching and sent into a tailspin of self-loathing on news that the Supreme Court re-election popularly portrayed in the media as a referendum on Governor Scott Walker's roll back of union powers broke easily for conservatives when a heavily-GOP county reported its full vote total.

Yesterday, when the vote total showed conservatives losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, our friends at ColoradoPols stopped drinking high dollar bubbly long enough to run this story:


Doh!  Now that we learn that ColoradoPols and HuffPo got it wrong, and that conservatives were in fact rewarded and not punished by a mostly Democratic state for blowing up collective bargaining for government employees, we suggest this simple approach to retracting yesterdays incorrect anaysis:


So much more efficient than a long winded, excuse laden retraction, don't you think?  

Here is something that won't need retracting. Conservatives who govern based on conservative values win elections. Yesterday, Scott Walker did.  

Governor Walker being the gracious chap that he is, he can't say this. But we will. Hey AFL-CIO…How 'bout them apples!