Yesterday, we had some fun with the premature celebration of Colorado Pols and HuffPo over the electoral repudiation of Governor Scott Walker that wasn't.

Today, the sniveling liberals in the wire service at the Associated Press did their dead level best to make Guv Walk's resounding win sound like a tie.

Check it:

However, the narrow victory denied the governor a clear public endorsement of his policy.

The conservative “didn't win by the margin everyone expected him to win by,” said University of Wisconsin- Green Bay political science professor Michael Kraft. “If I were Walker, I wouldn't be saying everything is just dandy and people love me.”

As the marches, protests and mayhem spread across Wisconsin, the strategy of the left in all this was obvious: turn the state of Wisconsin into a political swamp — a messy, stinky, sewer-like swamp.  Their hope…scare away other union busters in other states. They even used such dirty, underhanded tactics to discredit Justice Prosser like claiming he protected child molesters, a claim local news stations firmly debunked as garbage.

But that whole effort has failed, as the defeat of a liberal jurist proves. No, this wasn't a tie. This was a resounding “W” for Scott Walker and a scarlet colored “L” for big labor and their co-conspirators on the liberal left who tried and failed to make conservatives pay.