There really isn't a better symbol of an arrogant, over reaching federal government than the E…P…A. They are power grubbing, heavy handed, despotic jerks who most days seem to value the life of a Prebbles Jumping Mouse more than they do the livelihood of a coal miner.  

But after the "cap and trade" caucus in the U.S. Congress got jumped by the voters, there is a new crescendo of bipartisan support for jerking back the reigns on the agency that wants to regulate the air that we breathe and F*!#k the frackers who produce the natural gas that helps provide electricity to America.  

Democrat Congressman from California, Dennis Cardoza agrees:

There’s growing opinion among Democrats that the EPA is becoming a “rogue agency,” said California Rep. Dennis Cardoza, adding that the White House needs to take action to curb the agency’s power. "I think the president’s out of step on this one, and he’s going to have to get his agency under control.”

Democrat Congressman from Arkansas, Mike Ross also thinks the EPA has overstepped its bounds:

“The Supreme Court basically ruled that the EPA should regulate carbon dioxide. And I totally disagree with that. That’s Congress’s job, not EPA’s job.”

True, true Honorable Cardoza. The EPA is a rogue element, and Congress is on the edge of forcing regulatory regime change.  

A sidebar: The media loves to cover splits in the GOP, but what about this one?  A large number of Democrats in Congress — the kind who actually get elected in a tough year — are telling the Greenies who pump millions into Democratic campaigns to frack themselves. This is news, even though we haven't seen it in the Colorado news.

But stop the presses, Majority Leader Harry Reid won't concede to common sense without a fight. Reid is arguing that the EPA crackdown should not happen as a rider to the hotly contested budget bill wending through Congress.

Reid says that spending measures are for spending, not for policy matters like Mmmm bopping the EPA.  

But Harry Reid is nothing if not a sniveling hypocrite.  

Politico's Jonathan Allen lists just a few of those riders Harry Reid and Democrats added to spending bills last Congress:

* A long-desired abortion-rights provision making birth-control pills and devices cheaper for Planned Parenthood and other family-planning clinics who provide them to students on college campuses and poor women. Originally, an effort had been made to include that rider on an emergency supplemental spending bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was removed amid political pressure.

* The repeal of a school-voucher program in the District of Columbia that is close to the heart of the current speaker, John Boehner.

* A relaxation of restrictions on travel to Cuba.

* Reid’s pet project: Delaying the development of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste storage site through spending cuts and legislative language; and

* A provision designed to facilitate the implementation of taxpayer-funded health benefits for the same-sex partners of federal employees.


Harry Reid wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of an excuse to shutdown the government and try to blame Republicans.