Readership here at the Peak has gone meteoric in a few short months. We won't gloat, not out loud at least. And there is more exciting news…by the looks of it today, it seems as if Donald Trump is one of our committed readers. 


That supposition is based on the fact that Trump took aim at the Obama Administration (that is you Ken Salazar!) for a dirty, rotten, no-good energy policy.  The Donald pointed out what we have been saying for weeks…the Obama Administration's anemic energy policy is thwarting America's already uneasy economic recovery.
Ken has been a favorite target of the Peak.  If you haven't read our multi-part indictment of Salazar, here is an excerpt:

The  Deepwater Horizons disaster is firmly etched in the American conscience as an example of bumbling incompetence and haphazard, if not non-existent, leadership. Unfortunately for Salazar, it is a brand of haphazard incompetence that has become the hallmark of his tenure at Interior. It's time for Barack Obama to "Drill, Baby, Drill." We say he should start with Ken Salazar.


Mark our words: Gas price politics are going to get hot and heavy, especially with reports that gas could hit $5 bucks by Memorial Day.  Donald Trump is getting good political advice by getting out in front of it all. 


Hey, and who better than The Trumpster to stare down Ken Salazar and deliver a much overdue command: Ken, you're fired!

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