Today at 12:30 we will be interviewing Ken Buck for the second segment of our new series "Checking In." Every so often we will be interviewing popular former candidates and elected officials, giving our readers a chance to get a glimpse into their thinking on current events and reflections on previous political battles.

As we said in our list of 7 Twitter Accounts Worth Following, accounts that live Tweet events give their readers a more real-time perspective into events. In that spirit, for the Ken Buck interview we will be doing things a bit differently.

The interview will be hosted on Twitter (no it does not mean we secretly support Romney), from our Twitter account @copeakpolitics. Use the hashtag #CPP to tune in.

Twitter is a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is a great tool for news, commentary and slow days at work.

For the Twitter-illiterate, here's how to follow the interview:

1. Sign up for a Twitter account

2. Follow @copeakpolitics or go to

3. Click the #CPP blue link.

4. The interview feed will appear. When there is a new tweet (message) from either Colorado Peak Politics or Ken Buck, you will will receive a message notifying you.

5. Click the message bar to view the new tweet.

6. Ignore the programmer and spanish tweets — not us — they stole our hashtag