Today marks the first Tax Day Tea Party where conservatives have something to cheer about on the state budget. After years in the political wilderness, conservative lawmakers saw a resurgence in their numbers in 2010, leading to a Republican majority in the State House for the first time since 2004.

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Having earned that political capital, Republicans in the State House have spent it well, earning the repeal of three of Ritter's hated tax increases and producing a responsible bipartisan budget in tough negotiations with Senate Democrats and Governor Hickenlooper.

In a press release, Vice Chair of the JBC, Rep. Cheri Gerou (R-Evergreen) called it a "responsible and honest budget that shows our commitment to creating jobs and getting our economy back on track."

While House Minority Leader Sal "The Fist" Pace attacked the budget compromise last week as anti-people on "feeding tubes," someone in his caucus must have told him to tone it down and get in line, as Pace supported the budget, saying "It's not a perfect budget, but considering the political realities in this building today, [the  budget] is better than what it could be."

Political comer Rep. Brian DelGrosso praised the totality of the budget deal:

“This is a budget that will not only help create jobs and get Colorado’s economy back on track, but it also limits the impact of this economic recession on our schoolchildren.”

While we called the Boehner budget deal a "split decision," the budget passed by the Republican House is a clear win. Republicans were successful in repealing harmful tax increases that killed jobs, as well as minimizing cuts to education, taking away Democrats ability to smear Republicans with hit pieces saying they hate children. 

That's both a policy and a political win. With a slim, one-seat majority in the lower chamber, House Republican leaders Speaker McNulty and Majority Leader Stephens corralled their caucus into an effective negotiating force. 

Despite what Tim Hoover fabricated reported, Senate Republicans also remained strong, allowing the Tea Party to finally celebrate a Tax Day Rally with enough allies in the Capitol to effect some change.

Finally, a tax day with something to cheer: A responsible budget.