There is an old saying about a hole.  When in one, stop digging.
Ken Salazar, it seems, is unfamiliar with this old truism, as today the Stetson-sporting charlatan tried to blame Congressional Republicans for the failure of his department to regulate and stop the Deepwaters Horizon oil spill debacle.
Salazar said people who have pushed for increased domestic energy production must have “amnesia” and not remember his most high profile disaster last year. 

“Much of the legislation that I have seen bandied around – especially with the House Republicans – is almost as if the Deepwater Horizon-Macondo well incident never happened,” Salazar told reporters at Interior headquarters.

Salazar gets the nod for sheer arrogance if nothing else. It takes large…umm…knots to castigate Republicans when everyone including your own White House blames you for your failure to respond coherently to the whole debacle.
Most poliitical advisors would tell you not to constantly remind people of your biggest failure in a vain attempt to re-write history. Patience has run thin across the political spectrum with Salazar, making his latest invective seem all the more tired. Getting lectured about oil rig safety by Ken Salazar is like being admonished on natural disaster response by Michael Brown.
Salazar has a long and tired relationship with holes. He couldn't plug one last year and he can't help but dig himself deeper into one this year. 
Salazar's show signaled he is not going down without a fight. But that doesn't mean that Ken isn't going down.
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