The liberal machine that runs the Democratic Party in Colorado just does not understand rural Colorado. And now, they have turned their ignorance into mocking anyone who doesn't live within a short drive of Invesco Field.

The Pols post attacks Rep. J Paul Brown (R-Ignacio) for his bill that would allow the Department of Wildlife to set the rules for when bears could be hunted. Included in the post is a reference to Rep. Brown as a "slack-jawed yokel."  

No wonder the Democrats have been getting their arse kicked in rural Colorado.    

Betsy Markey, John Salazar, Bernie Buescher, Buffie McFadyen, Bruce Whitehead, and countless high-profile Democrats representing rural areas have all been wiped out in the last three elections. Shucks, even Barack Obama could not win the 3rd CD on a night that he won pure-near everything else. 


Republicans may not have figured out the key to Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties, but they've got them-thar Democrats on the run in rural Colorado.
If you are wondering why, look not an inch farther than the kind of arrogance shown by Colorado Pols when they mocked J. Paul Brown for carrying a bill that let's those rural folk kill sum bears. You know, the kind of bears that are attacking people.

If the liberals behind the post had bothered to even read the AP article they cite they would have realized how common sense the bill is:     

"Randy Hampton, a Department of Wildlife spokesman said…having additional season-setting flexibility would permit the department to allow bear hunting during the late summer "in areas where bear densities are determined to be high"…Bear encounters with people have increased as more Coloradans move into rugged areas and people explore more of the state's backcountry…In 2009, wildlife officers and landowners killed 211 bears because of their interaction with people or property, and in 2010, another 219 were killed."

Pols says that "Humane Society" types don't like the bill, but if you read the article you know why they didn't quote the person who voiced that complaint.  

Who did? Wendy Keefover, director of carnivore protection for WildEarth Guardians.

Yes, there is someone paid to be director of carnivore protection. Kinda kills their credibility as a moderate voice on hunting regulation, eh?

So liberals are pushing the message of a "carnivore protector" over common sense Coloradans who don't like being killed by bears, and calling those same Coloradans "slack jawed yokels." No wonder they never win rural Colorado. 

The Democrats can treat rural Colorado like hay-seeds all they want; in fact, their new proposed Congressional maps do just that.  But the 'ole Democrats should not be startled when those hay seeds get spit in their eye-balls come November, just like the last one, and the one before that.
In case any of the liberals over at Pols wonder how them-thar rural folk see the Boulder liberal set, this might help shed some light: