The Denver Post has asked people for their reflections, in true Twitter fashion at 140 characters or less, on Guv Hick's first 100 days in office.

Our view: Hick has been brassy on the budget, smart on the politics of traveling the state, but utterly invisible when it comes to redistricting and a number of other big issues at the Capitol. Legislatively he is hands off. As Minority Leader Kopp commented, the last people he wants to be involved with are the Senate Democrats, who attacked his budget the second it was released.

The majority of responses the Post has compiled thus far have come mostly from lawmakers, some with a skill for snark and Twitter talk, while others proved it's a good thing they're a candidate and not a consultant. 

Below you'll find a couple responses that we felt needed a little more analysis or comment.

100 days, 140 characters, 5280 craft brew jobs created, 53 happy legislators, 5 bills signed, 3 good  redistricting maps, 1 horse, 0 neckties

Rep. Andy Kerr
, D-Lakewood

What 3 good redistricting maps? Did Rep. Andy Kerr just break news by telling everyone Hick was involved in the drafting of the Brandon-Mander?

Hick's First 100 Days — Faced with 100 problems, working with both parties to find 100 sensible solutions.  

Rep. Angela Williams, D-Denver

Since when did Hick become Arnie Vinick from the West Wing?

Hickenlooper is a brilliant leader. He is clearly focused on building something that works, not protecting something that doesn't.

Senate Majority Leader John Morse, D-Colorado Springs

When did Hick propose a new per diem statute so folks like Morse can't rob taxpayers blind anymore? News to us.

A 120-day session with Hickenlooper (and a split legislature) is a vast improvement over last 4 years.   

Rep. Spencer Swalm, R-Centennial