Big Government backers, The Bell Policy Center, have come out with what we first thought was a weeks-late April Fools joke, but instead appears to be a sad attempt to claim illegal immigration is in fact a net positive for Colorado's economy and taxpayers.

"New research shows that undocumented immigrants in Colorado are a  significant contributor to the state's economy and that undocumented immigrants contribute as much in sales, property and income taxes as they cost in K-12 education and other mandated services."

Rational thought is apparently not a prerequisite at liberal think tanks in Colorado anymore. Logic and liberals often find themselves in contradiction, such as supporting higher taxes on businesses to create jobs, but this one actually contradicts itself, saving conservatives the time and energy from producing competing research.

Bell Policy claims that 120,000 illegal immigrants are working in Colorado, whose economic activity, according to Bell, creates 91,000 jobs. So Bell Policy admits that even with their rosy numbers, illegal immigration is a net negative on the jobs market.

The report would have you believe that illegal immigrants use only as many services as their taxes cover. This is patently absurd.

"Undocumented immigrants paid an estimated $167.5 million in income, property and sales taxes in 2010, which covered the cost of K-12 education, emergency medical care and jail and prison incarceration, according to "Colorado's undocumented workers: What they pay, what they cost in taxes," by the Bell Policy Center. The cost of those federally mandated services is $166.6 million."

So legal citizens' taxes don't cover their cost of services, which is why there is a budget gap, but illegal immigrants, who often times are paid in cash, pay enough taxes to account for their usage of government services?

Really, guys?  As we advised Secretary Salazar — if you're going to spin, at least make it believable.  

According to Bell Policy Center's spin, not only do illegal immigrants pay their fair share of taxes, but they are a positive force for Colorado's economy:

"Like all groups of workers, undocumented immigrant workers spend their earnings, which supports local businesses, enabling those companies to hire more workers. It's a positive cycle that stimulates the state's economy."

Finally! A path to economic recovery: more illegal immigration!