We think electability will be an important part of the case that every GOP-hopeful will have to make during the fast-approaching Republican Presidential primary. And while Mitt Romney is not without his share of warts, a great deal of polling in key states shows Romney is the man best positioned to horse-collar Barack Obama in November of 2012.

Recall, earlier this month we reported on a poll showing Romney up on Obama in Florida. A new survey released over the weekend, on New Hampshire general election match ups, shows similar results, with Romney topping the Obama-nator in a state that has historically been difficult to win.

While Obama is polling ahead of every other would-be Republican Presidential nominee, he is actually trailing Romney in a hypothetical by eight points in New Hampshire.

Romney has a long and treacherous path to navigate before he even gets to think about running against Obama, due in part to his support of a Massachusetts healthcare plan that some have likened to Obamacare on a smaller scale. We're not sure Romney can fend off grassroots challenges from Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, or even Rand Paul. 

But if Romney has a trump card to play against the Massachusetts healthcare broadside, it may turn out to be the warchest of cash he is expected to raise and the powerful argument that he is the person who can defeat the Obama machine in the battleground states that will decide the election.