The Denver Post in an editorial this weekend weighed in, in a big way, on redistricting. While they didn't come out and endorse the Republican maps, they endorsed virtually every aspect of them. This is a big blow to Democrats who refused to budge on basically everything the Post Ed Board thought was reasonable about the Republican maps.

From the editorial:  

The really hard work in redistricting comes with the addition or — for some states — subtraction of seats. For the first time in decades, the Colorado numbers held steady, this time at seven districts. It would seem only some minor nipping and tucking would be required.

…Certain principles should have been easy to agree to. You start with keeping Denver pretty much whole in the 1st District. You keep El Paso County pretty much whole in the 5th. All parties agreed to that much.

But you also keep the West Slope together. You give Jefferson County and Aurora a little more respect than they've had in previous redistricting attempts. You try to give the Eastern Plains a reasonable role in the 4th. Yet all of that remains up in the air.


They are backing not only the general approach of Republicans to only modify existing lines, but also the specific requests of Republicans: keep the Western Slope and the Eastern Plains together, El Paso County whole, and unify Jefferson County more than it is now.

That is a pretty clear rebuke of the Democrats' assault on rural Colorado.

Liberals and ColoradoPols are free to continue play the losing game of attacking the Republican map process, as no one cares and it doesn't matter when you draw a bi-partisan map together. They are just angry their Julie Wells-drafted talking points got nowhere. We suggest giving up while they're behind, but when have they ever taken our advice?    

Republicans ideas are receiving backing from editorial boards across the state and Democrats' maps are being ripped apart from Boulder to Durango. We'll take ideas over process any day.