The Denver Post editorial board in an article today tries to play the role of Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet, saying a pox on both parties' houses over redistricting. While we appreciate their stab at bipartisan criticism, we couldn't help but notice they still back all of the main Republican ideas on redistricting over the Democrats' Brandon-Mander and assault on rural Colorado.

"But pairing Boulder with Grand Junction, for example, didn't make much sense, and the drastic changes proved to be a non-starter."

We agree and so do serious West Slope Democrats. What matters now is coming to consensus on a number major communities of interest being protected. And the Post ed board agrees, hoping a judge will back a number of Republican ideas outlined in the committee hearings:

"We hope the judge agrees to certain principles, as laid out in previous court rulings, and draws a map that keeps Denver pretty much whole in the 1st District and El Paso County pretty much whole in the 5th.    

…The West Slope is a community of interest that belongs together, as does the Eastern Plains. And, as we've said before, Jefferson County and Aurora deserve a little more respect than they've had in previous redistricting attempts.

They also make a veiled threat to what seems to be the Republicans to not gloat when the courts back up their main arguments on redistricting. The Republicans in the Legislature may take the high road and enjoy their win with silent satisfaction. But you can be sure we will have our fun.