A new Gallup/USA Today poll shows that Barry Obama's Medi-scare is not working as intended. The poll finds that voters over 65 prefer Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan over President Obama's 48-42.

In fact the poll showed that Ryan's plan is preferred by every age group except for young voters. When it comes to long term financial planning, would you want the generation with the worst spending control in history to choose your future? Probably not.  

Having learned first hand at an early age what it means to run out of money, we thought young voters might wise up to entitlement reality. Then again, the only thing that seems to fire them up in big numbers are pot pep rallies on 4/20

But for the target of the Democrats' misinformation campaign, seniors, the message isn't working. They understand the tough fiscal situation that massive government entitlements have put us in, and expect tough and honest solutions be put forward. 

The Democrats have yet to put forward any plan with specifics that would deal with entitlements in a serious way without bankrupting the country and further damaging the already fragile economic recovery.  

Voters may not find Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to be perfect, but the Gallup poll shows they appreciate leadership and honesty over lies and a lack of leadership. 

 Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net