The worst part about being a garage band of well funded two-bit political hacks is that, no matter how many bells, whistles and shiny objects you put on your website, you are still only a garage band of two-bit political hacks.

This is the essential problem of Colorado Pols. They are well funded, well spoken, but not particularly well versed in the trivial things in life like truth or fact.

For example, take their latest attack on Congressman Scott Tipton and legislation he supports fighting a federal wildlands policy that was drafted in secret and sneakily announced two days before Christmas so that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar could rule by regulatory fiat. Recall that the Obama Administration recently signed a spending bill that actually prohibits the wildands policy from being implemented this year.

While many riders were stripped out at the insistence of Barry Obama's administration, a block on the wildlands policy was signed into law by none other than Barry Obama himself.

We were humored by the use of a scenic West Slope landscape used to try to trump up and add emotion to the whole debate. Of course the plane wing in the pic kind of muddies the "wild nature" aspect to its emotional appeal, but we digress.

Pols says that the Tipton legislation would prevent the BLM and Ken Salazar from protecting this environmentally virtuous treasure. Because of Tipton, Pols says, this Western wonder is in biiiiiiiig trouble.

But think on that proposition some more. The stunning landscape enlisted by Pols has remained wild since the beginning of time WITHOUT KEN SALAZAR'S illegal wildlands policy.

To believe the Green Machine, you would think that George W. Bush drilled every square inch of the West. But W. didn't drill The Palisade, and neither did anyone before.

Look at the picture again. Bask in its scenic glory for a moment. Try to ignore the plane wing.

Now exhale and consider this fact: For all these millennium, through ice ages and dinosaurs and pre-historic cycles of global warming and even the Administration of George W. Bush, this piece of magnificent land has been preserved in a truly gorgeous natural state without any help from Ken Salazar, his cowboy hat, or his wildlands policy.

How, oh how, did such a treasure long endure without the guiding hand of  Ken Salazar to protect it?  We may never know, except to know that endure it has.

A tip to Pols: next time you want to invoke emotion or create fear using pictures of scenic western vistas, we would encourage you to Photoshop in a drill rig or an ATV trail. Like this.

Otherwise you're both wrong AND ineffective.