If you listen closely you can hear it.

Listen. Closer.

Hear it?

Yep, you heard it. That is Cory Gardner laughing out loud.

Gardner is laughing because, as the nation considers the national security implications of killing Osama Bin Laden, and wrestles with would-be solutions to the nation's debt crisis, Brandon Shaffer — Gardner's likely opponent next fall — is providing leadership on a different issue: the grave public policy challenge of flower shop fraud.

As America focuses on this:

Brandon Shaffer has eyes on this prize:

Brandon Shaffer, widely viewed as having the temperament and intellect of a bar room bouncer, is quickly proving the narrative true. That Shaffer would ever contemplate such an embarrassingly "small" proposition under any circumstance is, well, small.  

That he would embrace such an infinitesimal and juvenile flower shop initiative before embarking on the campaign of his life suggests that the Senate President is something of a wilting political flower too.

Brandon Shaffer’s lame brained floral stunt may get him a discount on his next batch of roses, but it isn’t going to help plant him in Congress. It just makes him seem like the political lightweight that Republican operatives have always said he is.