Sniveling sycophant freshman Democrat Rep. Dan Pabon has been caught on tape saying he thinks it's better homeless people are murdered rather than survive beatings. Check the tape:

During a hearing on Senate Bill 4 in the House Judiciary Committee, Pabon was caught on the record saying in some cases "it might be better off that these [homeless] people would have been murdered than to live and sustain the injuries that they did by result of these acts of beatings…"

Pabon's profile has risen recently in his role on the redistricting "I-got-your-Kumbaya-right-here committee," infamously playing the role of Julie Wells' little stooge, reciting talking points as if a freshman in the school play desperately trying to get his lines right. 

His remark came in the context of him bloviating, in Biden-esque fashion, on the need to pass his bill adding homelessness to the list of hate crime designated classes.

Pabon, in his usual smug and sanctimonious way, was perorating about the crimes committed against homeless people by trying to conjure up emotional images to argue for legislation that both the Colorado District Attorney's Council and Colorado Criminal Defense Bar opposed. 

The law was so poorly thought out that it could potentially make threatening a panhandler who is begging a little too aggressively a hate crime. Not only would the law make threatening speech a hate crime, but it would mark the first time a circumstance, not a belief or biological trait, was considered a protected class. 

It’s clear Pabon is not ready to legislate on his own. In exchange for being a good little lemming on the redistricting committee, the Dems let him sponsor legislation. And he advocates the death of homeless people who’ve been assaulted. We predict shady 527 Dem operatives, like Julie Wells, will be looking to keep his training wheels on for a while.  

Give him time, Democrats, for with enough coaching and motivation he could grow up to be another Max Tyler.