Colorado kids are celebrating student loan forgiveness by skipping classes to protest this election year’s social outrage — the plight of the Palestinian people who want to obliterate Israel from the river to the sea.

This is what happens when a generation declares history is white-washed garbage and then repeats atrocities because lessons learned where so quickly erased.

Lessons like WWII and socialist Nazi Germany exterminating Jews.

And Communism.

College kids camping in solidarity with Hamas were sticking it to the man over the weekend when noted communist, Black Panther, and celebrated former FBI fugitive Angela Davis stopped by the Auraria Campus in Denver to pump up the hate.

Davis urged the white saviors to do what those brown people have failed to since the Palestinian ethnicity was created 100 years ago; free them from the oppression of Jews who first settled that land more than 3,000 years ago.

“I want to emphasize what this means for history,” Davis told a crowd of more than 200 while visiting campus after speaking at Colorado College on Friday. “As you imagine this period being narrated 10 years, 20 years, 50 years from now, you will be the historical actors who made it possible for a breakthrough in the struggle against Zionism, the struggle to free Palestine.”

The event was ridiculously romanticized by the media idealizing the boomer as a freedom fighter, but her history is a little more complicated.

She was arrested in the early ‘70s in connection with the armed takeover of a California courtroom, and the kidnapping and killing of the judge along with three other hostages.

Davis was accused of suppling the bowling bag filled with weapons used in the courtroom attack.

She never denied the weapons were hers.

In a 2004 interview on C-SPAN, Davis said that she had received multiple threats following her discharge from UCLA, that she “purchased guns that were used by a number of people who acted as security” for her and that Jackson had been part of that “security detail” with access to the weapons.

Jackson being Jonathan Jackson, who led the courtroom massacre. .

Mass protests organized by the Communist Party from the U.S. to the Soviet Union ignited during her trial, as the media swooned over her even then, and she was acquitted of the charges.

Just as the protest movement then was organized by outside forces, so it is again today by countries that wish the U.S. harm

For Davis’s generation, it was the U.S.S.R.

Today it’s radical Islam, and (checks article) Biden’s open borders:

 Other chants escalated in the moments between each speaker as protesters cried out, “From Yemen to Palestine, imperialism is a crime. From Palestine to Mexico, all these walls have got to go.”