Amaesing Gubernatorial failure, Dan Maes, intent on further proving the point that he was one of the most embarrassing candidates in Colorado's history, sent a blast email out today insinuating he was Lincoln to Tancredo's John Wilkes Booth. We get it, Dan, you're bitter that you had the worst approval ratings of any Governor candidate in the country.

From the email:

Well, the bully of the 2010 election has decided he wants to hang out with the popular kids and he just is not feeling the love (tissue please). That's right, Tom Tancredo has friends trying to grease the skids for him at Lincoln Day Dinners. "Uh hem, Mrs. Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth would like to join you for dinner. He asked me to speak for him because he felt a little uncomfortable asking for himself". History buffs, just go with it.


Yes, Dan, you are Lincoln — if Lincoln shot himself in the foot and used the US Treasury to pay himself mileage for his ride to Gettysburg. Tancredo as John Wilkes Booth? Well, yes, Tancredo is a straight shooter, but a Presidential assassin, we think not. Just a guy who felt that conservatives should have a candidate they actually like running on their platform.

Tom Tancredo is an American stinkin' hero. We at the Peak love him, and so do Colorado conservatives. He made a valiant fight in the Governor's race, and gave conservatives a reason to vote. That was a huge boost to state house, state senate and even statewide races like Treasurer and Secretary of State. Far from castigating the Tanc, we owe him a debt of gratitude for giving Colorado conservatives a reason to turn out at all last fall. 

The Amaesing One used most of his diatribe to go after everyone he felt slighted him, in a tone reminiscent of a 7th grade girl on MySpace, that only ensures even less people will retain a modicum of respect for the man. 

What Dan fails to understand is that no one gives a rat's ass what he thinks anymore. He thoroughly embarrassed the Republican Party, and himself, throughout the campaign and conservatives have moved on. In a time of debates on the rising national debt, the last person with credibility is someone who had to rob a nice elderly lady to cover his mortgage deficit.

Dan, stop sending out childish rants about people who don't like you and go back to being a secret agent. We need more people like you to pull illegals off of the trains and shut down gambling factories in their in-laws house.