Fresh from waiting out the Capitol press corps who flat-out refused to press him on anything like a position on redistricting, Governor Hickenlooper is now hiding under his desk on another major public policy issue — should it be more difficult to amend the Constitution?


From the Denver Post:

Under the measure, voters in 2012 would be asked to raise the threshold to amend the constitution from a simple majority of voters to 60 percent. Meanwhile, the measure would require that a minimum number of signatures for an initiative petition be gathered from each of Colorado's congressional districts. There currently is no geographic requirement for signatures.  

…[Co-Sponsor of the bill Sen. Nancy] Spence said the proposal might have a better chance if Gov. John Hickenlooper would get "solidly behind it."  Hickenlooper, a Democrat, has not taken a specific position on the measure, and his office is still working with lawmakers on the bill, said his spokesman, Eric Brown.  

We don't particularly care one way or the other about SCR-1, but we do care about Hick's recurring bout of invisible backbone.

Like it or not, if Hick continues to hide in the long grass, the narrative will eventually catch up with him. You can't hide from most of the issues most of the time, Governor, and not expect the public to start noticing.