Back in March, Ryan Frazier gave his first public hint that he might run for Aurora Mayor right here on the Peak. Well, today it's official. Frazier is in it to win it, announcing via his new campaign website

We here at the Peak are big fans of Frazier's. We find him to be an appealing and engaging spokesman for the Republican Party and conservative cause writ-large. He bested a strong primary opponent, Lang Sias, in his bid for the 7th Congressional District nod, but the general election proved too hard a nut to crack against cartwheeling Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

The race for Aurora Mayor is already a crowded one with two Republicans, Steve Hogan and Jude Sandvall, and one turncoat traitor, Defector Debbie, already in the mix. But we predict Frazier will rise to the top rather quickly, having a large reserve of goodwill developed over his last campaign. 

Whoever wins, it will mark an end to what Floyd Ciruli called "the Tauer era" in Aurora, with current mayor Ed Tauer and his predecessor and father Paul Tauer, having controlled the office since 1995. While Ciruli suggested it might be a low-key race before Frazier got in, with Frazier's entrance the race just skyrocketed in energy. Frazier has many dedicated door walkers and donors who will give the other candidates a real run for their money. 

Frazier also has a great team behind him, with a number of top advisors and confidants developed through his last campaign, including his Campaign Manager Jake Zambrano. In a bit of a strange coincidence, a reader emails us to point out that Frazier will be matched up again against the Campaign Manager of his 7th CD primary opponent, Sean Walsh, who is advising Steve Hogan's bid. 

What may have once been a low-key race certainly isn't any longer. Look for an exciting Aurora Mayoral race to help keep us political junkies preoccupied through the doldrums of summer.