We have grown a little weary over the unwillingness of some Republicans to challenge John Hickenlooper, when that is what a thoughtful opposition party should sometimes do.

For sure, we were quick to praise Governor Hickenlooper when he was deserving. But we at the Peak were a little flumoxed by the failure to challenge the Executive even when it was the right (meaning "correct" and "ideologically conservative") thing to do.

As such, we cheer Rep. Ray Scott for calling Hick and the Dems to the carpet on a real life issue.

Scott had the whole Capitol rolling last week with his end of year analysis, that caught the eye of Lynn Bartels:

Thanks again for all the help, except [Rep. Mark] Waller. It’s been a hoot. Not really.  

Please delete all my contact information as I will be changing it for the summer and growing a beard, spending time with (Democrat Roger Wilson) and (Democrat Randy Fisher) to learn the finer points of floor work and making jam at a Monastery in Spain. I have also signed up for Senator Morse’s how to collect per diem classes and will publish my first book titled “It’s For The Children Stupid”.  

Look forward to not hearing from any of you until January.

And he caught our eye today with this missive (forwarded by a loyal reader):

Unfortunately our Governor gave the order for the Senate to avoid any discussion on the Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC) and had them kill HB1223 in the Senate on a procedural move without a hearing and leaving witnesses and Senator King out in the cold. It is obvious that the Western Slope and the energy industry will be at the mercy of a continued environmental agenda that will continue to pound our economy and the number one industry in our state. However the message has been sent. I will continue to come after the COGCC during the summer to make changes.

Way to go, Ray Scott. We do not believe that Hickenlooper deserves a daily partisan beating. But we do think that when Hick is wrong, Republicans should say so.