Shady, liberal billionaire financed Colorado "Ethics" Watch (CEW) — pronounced "sue," it's what they do (h/t Matt Arnold) — has filed yet another election complaint against a conservative group. What else is new? CEW's mision has long been to sue and file complaints against anything that is conservative and moves.

This time it's a demand that

CEW Executive Director Luis Toro

Americans for Prosperity, who has been running ads in the Colorado Springs mayor's race, disclose their donors. As CEW has refused to disclose their own donors it reeks of more than a little hypocrisy for them to be making this demand. Apparently, liberals don't like sharing the non-disclosure sandbox. 

Liberals perfected the shady, third party apparatus here in Colorado and took what Fred Barnes called the "Colorado model" national. But in the most recent cycle conservatives finally got their groove back and utilized the advantages of outside assistance through strong third party groups like Americans for Prosperity and American Crossroads. 

And what have liberals done in response? They've cried about shady, untransparent funding, something that was the mother's milk of electoral victories for them for years. Obama is now proposing an Executive Order requiring any companies or individuals seeking to do business with his government disclose all of their donations to all groups that have a political edge to them. 

While we find what the Wall Street Journal called Obama's "gangster politics" repugnant, we can't help but chuckle at the blinding hypocrisy and irony of CEW demanding donor disclosure. 

(Thanks to the reader who sent along the Gazette article. Keep 'em coming [email protected])