Do Democrats never want to win elections on the West Slope again? If so, they've done a remarkable job at poking the West Slope in the eye at every possible opportunity. Last month they got smacked by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel for their harebrained redistricting scheme to pair Boulder with Grand Junction, and today the Sentinel takes them to task for trying to tax the West Slope to fund the Front Range. 

One of the third rails of education politics is trying to mess with local control. That's one of the many reasons why No Child Left Behind has found vociferous opponents on all locations of the political spectrum. Rollie Heath's tax hike proposal steps on the third rail as well by instituting a statewide tax increase that will unequally distribute the revenue gained. From the Sentinel editorial:

"…Heath’s tax plan would leave people in this valley paying higher taxes in part to support school districts in other parts of the state. That’s because, under the school finance formula, School District 51 is perpetually at or near the bottom of the pack in the amount of state revenue it receives. That won’t change if Heath’s plan were to pass.”

We could give you 10,000 additional reasons why Rollie's Tax Hike Team is destined to fail, but this is a pretty compelling one that will cause people to oppose it, regardless of their view on tax increases. 

For a failed Gubernatorial candidate, Rollie Heath sure does have a poor understanding of sentiment outside the People's Republic of Boulder. 

Or maybe it's just that he hails from an area with the 4th highest wages in the Western United States? While the rest of the state suffers from the worst inflation since 2008, Boulder liberals are happy to rob the West Slope to pay for themselves. 

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