Dan Maes is a fraud. A delusional loser who gets coverage not because he matters or is relevant — in fact, the opposite. The Peak, Westword and others have covered his latest rantings and ravings because he is a laughing stock. He's become the Republican Party and Liberty movement's village idiot. There really is no other statewide candidate in the country, save for Basil Marceux, who is able to spew such unimaginably insane bullcrap without any sense for how little people think of him. 

Today we felt the need to weigh in because he decided to spew his contemptuous claptrap at two important grassroots leaders, Jason Worley of Grassroots Radio and Broomfield 9.12, and Lesley Hollywood of the Northern Colorado Tea Party. Upset that they both chucked him overboard like the rest of Colorado, he accuses them of corruption and selling out. Of all things you could say about Jason and Lesley, corrupt and sell out are two words that don't come to mind. 

In fact, Jason and Lesley have been aboveboard, honest and fiercely independent in their leadership of their groups, sometimes much to the chagrin of the Republican Party and it's elected officials. The difference between these two leaders and Dan Maes is they matter. While we don't always agree with them on every topic, we respect their opinion and so do a large following of other conservatives across Colorado. 

Here's another important grassroots group, Hear Us Now, on the Maes missive against Jason:

You are a pitiful, small man, bitter in every bone. You demonstrate your bitterness and your Lilliputian sized amount of integrity by attempting to smear a known, rock solid, organization and individual. You see, everyone in the Colorado liberty movement knows what Broomfield 912 is made of and what motivates them. Everyone in the Colorado liberty movement knows what Jason Worley is made of and what motivates him. By attacking Broomfield 912 and Jason Worley, you have left no doubt as to what you, Dan Maes, are made of and what motivates you.

The attack on Lesley Hollywood is almost worse. That's because Lesley gave Maes more chances than he deserved to prove he wasn't a fraud. She even asked people to look honestly at Tom Tancredo's record when Tancredo first got in and judge for themselves whether he had always voted as a conservative. She tried as hard as humanly possible to be a fair arbiter, and yet he throws her under the bus. Funnily enough, he forgot that she did end up chucking him, saying he "forgets" who she ended up supporting. Google, like spell check or excel spreadsheets for mileage logs, is another technical tool apparently out of Maes's intellectual grasp. 

Dan Maes is a megalomaniac who reminds us a little bit of Jim Jones, minus a following and kool-aid. He's like a Christine O'Donnell with an extra chromosome who no one donated to.

We don't plan on addressing him again, unless it is to ruthlessly mock him. Because it's just so easy. And it's Friday.