Last week after Rollie Heath's "Tax Hike Kidnap" we called on editorial boards to join us in denouncing this cheap stunt for what it was. Yesterday, the Denver Post editorial board joined us in that call:

"But when parents send their kids to school — or on field trips — it's for educational purposes, not to be used as political props. Using kids as props is often distasteful anyway, but at least ask the parents first."

Other papers around the state have noted the anger unleashed by Heath's use of kids for his political propaganda. From Ernest Luning of the Colorado Statesman:

Meanwhile, a fracas brewed this week in Douglas County over the appearance of a fourth grade class from Wildcat Mountain Elementary School at Heath’s press conference.  

…“It was a commercial for the tax initiative,” said an angry Laurie Bratton, a Douglas County parent and active Republican who worked at the Capitol during the past session. “That certainly is not within district guidelines,” she said, adding, “It’s not sitting well down here in Douglas County.”

The Pueblo Chieftain ed board on Friday also smacked Heath for something we pointed out last week. The tax hike revenue isn't even guaranteed to go to education. Past history says there is a good chance it won't:

“Sen. Rollie Heath is dead wrong in pushing a ballot issue that would increase state sales and income taxes by $3 billion over the next five years. Even though his intent to earmark the money for education is commendable, we've heard that song-and-dance before.

…The taxpayers should be greatly relieved if he falls short of petition signatures to make the November ballot. If not, we trust voters will remember that earmarking state revenues for education has proven to be a false promise in the past.”


Rollie’s tax hike is quickly being defined by what it really is — a cheap ploy to raise your taxes using cheap political propaganda rather than reasoned argument. That’s because, as the Chieftain pointed out, we’ve all heard the tax hike for education “song-and-dance before,” and can see right through it. When reason fails, all you’re left with is cheap propaganda.