Documents released recently have partially exonerated former Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis from charges of plagiarism. While McInnis is better off this week than he was at this time last week, it doesn't really matter. Either way, John Hickenlooper is Governor, and the whole thing sucks.

From the Post:

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis will not face disciplinary action from the state's Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel after an investigation of a plagiarism complaint found insufficient evidence to establish ethics violations.

Regulation Counsel John Gleason said new evidence and follow-up interviews with witnesses revealed no “clear and convincing evidence” that McInnis, a lawyer, violated disciplinary rules.

We don't doubt the theory that the Hasan Family Foundation was the Post's source on the story. They dropped a solid chunk of change trying to get Ali Hasan elected State Treasurer, and were probably none-too-pleased with McInnis when he didn't throw his support to Ali. If they were the source, the Post should have been mighty careful about printing their claims, knowing they had a bone to pick. But the emails that are cited in the recent report were never released last year. It makes it seem like there is more to this story, but in reality, we don't care. We're moving on. 

It's a Presidential cycle, so let's focus on getting rid of Obama, instead of rehashing it all. If we are ever to expect Dan Maes to move on with his life, then so should we too.