OUR VIEW: After a race to the bottom of the liberal gutter, we would understand if Denver Republicans decided not to vote for either.  

Public opinion polls consistently show that Chris Romer made it to the run-off for Mayor of Denver because of support among Republicans. But that hasn't stopped Romer from running a campaign in recent weeks that looks like he's vying to become the head of move-on.org, not Mayor of Denver.  

Michael Hancock, meanwhile, apparently is a Creationist, supports vouchers, and at least leans pro-Life. Yet, when Hancock slips up and tells voters what he actually believes, like an iron fist behind a sock-puppet, Hancock's campaign issues statements clarifying that he in fact doesn't believe in intelligent design, does support abortion choice, and opposes school choice.  

Hey Mike, how can you be Mayor if you don't even have the cojones to say what you really think?  

We say, this election has become a joke, and neither of the jokers in it deserve a vote from a Denver Republican.  

Today, we learn from the Denver Daily News that these two pandering left wing ass clowns support a judicial over-turn of the citizens right to vote on tax increases.  

Chris Romer has spent the last several weeks turning his campaign into the James Mejia show in a bid to influence the Hispanic vote. We think the whole yard sign thing is weird, but we get it.

But does Romer know that Republican voters in Denver drastically out number Hispanics in active voters who receive ballots?  

And Hancock has spent the better part of the campaign kissing up to the city employees like the pandering squish bag that he obviously is.  

But does Hancock know that there are a hell of a lot more Tom Tancredo voters than city and county paper pushers? Apparently not, because instead of meeting nice words from Tom Tancredo about Hancock's personal story with a shrug of the shoulder, the relentlessly timid Hancock campaign (afraid someone else's nice words would cost him Dem votes) set out to trash Tancredo himself.


When you survey it all, it's hard to figure out why Denver righties would vote for either. One of them will be Mayor, but apparently not for the 20% of Denver residents who call the Grand Old Party home. If Republicans vote for neither, we would more than understand.