OUR VIEW: In between loads of washing Pat Stryker’s granny panties, the “Independent” got carried away on Twitter and showed they are anything but.

For years, liberals in Colorado have had an entire political ecosystem bought and paid for by a few billionaire boobs. Conservatives have had virtually nothing to compete outside of election season, and liberals became complacent and spoiled. Now that their supremacy is being challenged by a few scrappy insurgents, like the Peak, they're having a hard time sharing the sandbox of spin.

From think tanks that gin up such gems as "illegal immigrants are job creators" to faux news organizations that "report" these studies as bona fide "non-partisan" research, their network has recreated just about every aspect of the political world and fit it into the neat box of progressivism. It operated without challenge for years, but things have changed recently and it's got liberals panties in a bind.

Case in Point: The faux "news" website, the Colorado "Independent." Yesterday we posted a story pointing out the about-face Senator Mark Udall pulled on three aspects of the Patriot Act, pointing to his February vote to extend those exact three provisions he now is publicly attacking. A few hours after our story was published the "Independent" posted a puff piece on Udall, saying he spoke "eloquently" in opposition to the provisions they forgot to mention he voted for only three months ago. 

In between doing loads of Pat Stryker's laundry, the shills at the "Independent" must have seen our Udall piece on Complete Colorado. They were not pleased someone would dare attempt to point out unflattering facts about Stryker's Washington waterboy, so they decided to go after us on Twitter.

We couldn't help but laugh that an organization trying to appear like it produces legitimate journalism would get into a public spat with a conservative blog over analysis on a Senate vote. Clearly the Peak is making some waves in Colorado politics. Why else would they be so threatened by our take on the issue?

What it really means is that, much like the Democrats botched roll out of their Congressional candidates campaigns, there is some real disarray in "democracy alliance" land. In the midst of the conservative caused chaos, the "Independent" must have forgotten their role in the play. They're supposed to play the role of "journalists" while folks like homely troll Alan Franklin are supposed to personally attack conservatives.

Fortunately for conservatives, being opposed to top down directives (see Party, Tea), we don't have to worry about "playing our role" and pretending to be something we're not. We're conservatives and we call 'em like we see 'em, with no loads of liberal heiress laundry to do in exchange for the opportunity.

Democrat politicians have long had a free pass in Colorado, with a liberally tinted mainstream media, and a raving liberal netherworld of special interests to push out the talking points of the day. Those days are over. Conservatives on the web are on the rise and liberals are just going to have to learn to share the sandbox. If they don't like it, they can go pound sand. Or they can take us on and give us free publicity. Either way, we win.

P.S. The “Independent” was wrong on the substance of their shillery. Udall did in fact VOTE FOR the extension of the three provisions of the Patriot Act 90 days before he VOTED AGAINST them.

Sorry “Independent.” You’re neither right nor independent.

That is all…you may get back to creasing Our Lady of Ft. Collin’s granny panties now.