Whatever it is must be huge because Bill Menezes seems to live in a constant state of agitation. Just take a look at the guy's Twitter page. He never misses a beat attacking conservatives. In fact, he is so quick to pounce on anything any conservative says anywhere, that we have absolutely no idea how this guy holds down a job. We're not even joking. Menezes's boss must not know he spends so much time playing politics at work.

Our best guess as to why Menezes is soooo bitter is that he still isn't over the loss of Colorado Media Matters, which was shutdown in the Spring of 2009 under his leadership. For those of you who don't remember CMM, don't feel bad. It was a totally worthless lefty endeavor that nitpicked the work of great reporters like Adam Schrager and Tony Kovaleski.  

Ironically, Menezes himself is a former reporter, having worked for both The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. Consequently, we're guessing Menezes's gig at CMM caused him to lose a lot of friends. But then again, he's so abrasive that he probably didn't have many friends to begin with.    

His old employer seemed to take some personal pleasure in CMM's demise. Just check out their piece on the closure of the organization, in an article titled "Media Matters no more in Colo":

One of Colorado's liberal watchdogs has ceased to bark.  

Colorado Media Matters closed its doors Monday as its parent organization in Washington, D.C., plans more efficient expansions into additional states, state editorial director Bill Menezes told The Post.  

A new model "will allow us to launch this in other states where they were clamoring for it," he said.

Turns out no one in Colorado was "clamoring for" Menezes’s whiny rants and bitchy commentary. It also turns out Menezes wasn't a part of the "us" of Media Matters very long. In fact it appears from his Linkedin profile that he got chucked from Media Matters as soon as the doors closed in Colorado and ended up unable to find another job in the journalism or journalism anklebiter business.

After running out of Tim Gill's money and other people's patience, Menezes was forced out of the paid pest business, and into the private sector. This must have been a harsh and unforgiving change for Bill, as the private sector cares more about results than an ability to find a (non-existent) grand conservative media conspiracy.    

What is striking is that from perusing the websites of the two companies Menezes has worked for since leaving CMM it appears there are no clients who would appreciate Menezes’s assaults on public figures and political scribes, especially while on their dime.

We wonder if Comcast or Fox Networks, both clients of One Touch Intelligence, where Menezes currently resides, would appreciate knowing they are employing a firm that lets their employee spend his days doing his old job attacking conservatives, and journalists who give them a fair shake.    

But go ahead, Bill, continue sending public messages on Twitter to Sarah Palin and Colorado Republicans. They're never going to bother wasting time on you, but if it makes you feel better, then go ahead. Whatever is up your ass is clearly infected. You might want to get it checked out.    

P.S. Why no regular Tweets to your old man-crush, Jon Caldara? We hear he misses your missives. Oh, and about that relevancy thing…

(photo via Twitter)