The Pee-wee Herman of Congress, Anthony Weiner, gave Congressman Ed Perlmutter $1,000 and Perlmutter needs to return the tainted funds. While Weiner has stiffed his constituents and refuses to step down, it's up to Perlmutter to rise above the sticky mess and give back the money. You can let Perlmutter know what you think by clicking here.

Perlmutter has a history of taking tainted contributions and refusing to give them back. Censured Corrupt Congressman Charlie Rangel gave Perlmutter $9,000 but Perlmutter decided that being censured for corruption on the House floor didn't disqualify Rangel's donations. After all, he was in a tough race and needed every cent he could get.

Now it seems that Perlmutter doesn't mind dirty donations, no matter whether he has a tough race on his hands or not. NRCC Spokesman, Tyler Houlton, describes Perlmutter's dilemma clearly:

"Ed Perlmutter finds himself between a rock and a hard place. It’s not just Ed’s tainted campaign contributions from Anthony Weiner, but his job-killing and anti-growth policies that have given Colorado working families the shaft."

Tell Ed Perlmutter it's time he gives Weiner's cash the shaft. Otherwise next cycle, Perlmutter will be fairly accused of supporting more than just viagra for rapists and child molesters.