In another indicator of rapidly shifting views on economic issues, in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll 45 percent of respondents said they trust congressional Republicans over the President when it comes to dealing with the economy, an 11-point improvement for the GOP since March. It appears Obama and Congressional Democrats negative attacks against the Congressional Republicans entitlement reform legislation are about as effective as a Chris Romer ad. 

Even worse news for Obama is that his approval ratings are now upside down, with 49% disapproving and 47% approving of his performance. Perhaps most striking is that the strongly disapprove number has skyrocketed from 24% in May to 37% now. Pollsters often say the only numbers that matter in approve/disapprove are the ones rated strongly. If you hold that to be true, then Obama is in serious trouble with only 27% strongly approving of his performance, a ten point gap with those that disapprove strongly.

While Democrats, including Sal "The Fist" Pace, have tried to trump the Democrats win in the special election in New York's 26th Congressional District as a referendum on Paul Ryan's budget and Medicare reform legislation, when you look at the nation as a whole, it doesn't pan out. The NY26 race was about a third party spoiler and a recognition of the threat posed by that spoiler coming much too late to Republicans and their electoral allies. 

Joe Biden last week predicted the economy would add over 300,000 jobs in May. It ended up producing only 54,000, of which half were at McDonalds. "Would you like fries with that?" is not generally a phrase associated with a growing economy.

With Obama's tax and deficit raising policies threatening a double dip recession, things are not looking good for re-election, despite Obama's built-in advantage as an incumbent President. If you can't create real jobs or offer a substantive proposal on spending reform while castigating your political opponents for having the guts to come out with a detailed plan, voters are going to look elsewhere for leadership.

Democrats want to demagogue Medicare? Bring it the funk on!