A report on People's Press Collective yesterday points out an alarming, and quite possibly illegal, move that displays the desperation the supporters of Initiative 25, the $3 billion tax hike, are showing in trying to get it on the ballot. Randall Smith, who recently finished his term as President of the Classified Employee Council at Adams State, received a call while at work from someone seeking his support for the initiative.

Anyone with access to Google could have figured out he was not likely to be a tax hike supporter, but more importantly, anyone with half a brain politically would know that calling government employees while at work to discuss political organizing is not kosher. While we understand that government employees are more likely to support additional taxes, as it funds their salaries, that doesn't mean it's appropriate to target them at their place of employment. 

Then again, Initiative 25 so far has been defined by it's supporters' reckless disregard for social norms, like kidnapping a 4th grade class to be used as political props, or the economic havoc it would reek, like the 119,000 jobs an independent study predicts it would kill if enacted. While the top tax hike supporter, Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder), has seemingly felt no remorse for almost getting that 4th grade class's teacher fired, he should make some attempts to make sure his Tax Hike Team is not breaking the law. 

If readers of this site hear of any other political shenanigans by supporters of Initiative 25, please send along details to [email protected] We'll be paying close attention to this going forward, now that it's clear the supporters can't be trusted to follow basic social norms in attempting to take billions more in your hard earned money.