Readers of the Peak may remember that Congressman Ed Perlmutter sang a very different tune back in 2006 when it was a Republican on the firing line for perverted behavior. When the Mark Foley scandal hit back in '06 Perlmutter demanded that not only Foley resign, but every member of Congress who knew of Foley’s behavior should resign as well. Now that it's a member of his own party, from whom he's received $1,000, Perlmutter has become noticeably quiet.

What Foley did was despicable, just as Weiner's scandal once again sees a Congressional politician leading the way on a new definition of scumbag. But Foley resigned, and Weiner has refused to, making Perlmutter's call for Weiner's resignation and return of Weiner's money even more important.

This is not a partisan, ideological issue. This is hypocrisy. If journalists want to fancy themselves objective then they need to get Perlmutter on the record explaining why he hasn't been calling for Weiner, and anyone who knew of Weiner's propensity for perverted posts, to resign.

Additionally, Perlmutter owes the citizens of the 7th CD an explanation as to why it's okay to keep $1000 from a man who spends his time sending nude photos to young girls. Why not donate the money to charity?

Why be hypocritical towards perverts? Maybe this ad had some truth to it after all…