We know Governor Hickenlooper can have a looming presence over the state's politics, but that image of Hick has now taken the form of the Colorado government website itself. 

A reader sent along an interesting update that has been made recently to Colorado's government website, Colorado.gov. Whereas previously the homepage listed many different agencies and aspects of Colorado's government, it is now basically John Hickenlooper's personal fan page. When you go to the website, two things dominate the permanent fixtures of the page — Hick's pic and Hick's press releases. 

Apparently, Hickenlooper is the only one making news in this state. What else would a casual observer think when the "State News" feed is only about Hickenlooper's efforts?

While Hick started his tenure playing the "larger-than-legislators" role well in budget negotiations, that has been changing as of late, with his sky-high approval ratings seemingly going to his head. At the end of the legislative session it was Hick refusing to push fellow Democrat and Congressional campaign denier, Brandon Shaffer, to compromise on redistricting, thus forcing the issue into the Democrat-appointee dominated courts. Last week it was Hick caving to liberal special interest demands to veto an entitlement reform bill.

We doubt the Guv personally signed off on this new change, but it’s certainly not the down-home feel you’d expect from a home-spun awe-shucks Governor.