The Washington Post reports that the list of Congressional Democrats calling on Anthony Weiner to resign is growing, currently at eight Democrats, including the head of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA). We at the Peak are wondering where in the name of righteous indignation are all the Colorado Democrats calling on their fellow Party member to step down and return the money he's donated to them?

We're also wondering where the Colorado media coverage is on the lack of Colorado Democrats calling on Weiner to resign. They certainly kept score on resignation calls during the Mark Foley scandal. And Foley did resign, unlike Weiner who is still refusing today to step down. Even worse, Weiner lied about it for 10 days. So it's not just his perverted behavior, but his bald-faced lying to the country that makes it imperative Weiner resign. Even the liberal hordes over at ColoradoPols have picked up the growing calls for Weiner to resign and think the lying requires him to do so. 

With the media refusing to cover a sex scandal closer to home, has there been an agreed upon moratorium on covering any Colorado aspect to Democrat sexual shenanigans?

This is, after all, slow season in politics. We know reporters have time to place calls to the Colorado's Congressional Representatives and Senators' offices and at least report whether they were willing to publicly call for Weiner's resignation or not. As Sal Pace has announced his Congressional campaign, it's also a question he should answer as well. 

While the New York Times, the Washington Post and The Hill have covered Weiner's donations to other Democrats, the Colorado media has not reported on the fact, as we have at the Peak, that Ed Perlmutter received $1000 from Anthony Weiner.  As the Times reports, Democrat Betty Sutton of Ohio has donated the $1000 she received from Weiner to charity. Why hasn't Perlmutter done so as well?

Please, dear Colorado media, let us know why you have been so strangely silent on the issue?