Why are we talking about Dan Maes again? Because it's Friday and yet another too-hard-to-ignore Amaesing Dan Maes story has popped up. This time it's the Amaesing One trumpeting the fact that he's writing a book

In his email to what is a rapidly-dwindling list of people who care, Maes says his working title for the book is "Running Without Cowboy Boots." A more appropriate title might be "Running Without Support" or "Run, Don't Bike." Whatever he calls it, if it's anything like the childish rantings and ravings he's spewed all over the inter-webs in his "truth exposés" it's sure to be full of nonsensical and most likely untrue allegations against everyone he has ever met.  

We just can't wait to see how it ends! Does Dan Maes defeat the forces of evil that conspired to take down his campaign — "campaign terrorists" in his parlance — OR will he win the election and take the Governor's office amidst a sea of adoring fans? The suspense is almost too much to bare.

We actually feel bad for whoever is editing his collection of crazy, as Dan has a well-known inability to spell things properly, make logical sense or fill out expense reports in a timely manner. We guess Dan's continued existence in the public space is a reminder that politics attracts the full spectrum of humanity, including bat shit crazy.

Actually, Dan is best seen in the light of the movie "Igby Goes Down" about a family dealing with their father going crazy:

"D.H. Banes: I believe, umm, that certain people in life are meant to fall by the wayside; to serve as warnings to the rest of us; signs posts along the way.
Igby: To where?
D.H. Banes: Success.
Oliver: Our father would be a 'slippery when schizophrenic' sign, for instance…

Check back at the Peak for future updates (but only on Fridays). We'll be sure to track the book sales on this sure-to-be #1 New York Times bestseller.