Fox News is reporting potentially explosive news about Congressman Anthony Weiner's propensity for perverted texts, sexts, and Facebook messages. A Fox News reporter was at the home of a 17 year old girl who allegedly exchanged messages with the Congressman when police arrived to interview the girl and her mother.

If Weiner did in fact engage in such conduct with a minor, Ed Perlmutter would be put in quite an awkward position if he didn't immediately (though still very late) call for Weiner's resignation and donate the $1000 he received from Weiner to charity. 

After all, loyal readers, you may recall this line from a 2006 Perlmutter ad (since removed from Youtube):

"In Congress, I'll fight to pass laws protecting kids from online predators and violent video games."

If Anthony Weiner did exchange inappropriate messages with a minor he is, by definition, an online predator, and Ed Perlmutter has promised to protect kids from such people. 

It's too bad that using government resources to engage in sexual messaging with young girls, and lying about it for 10 days, wasn't enough to cause Perlmutter to donate the $1000 to charity. This should.

If it doesn't, Perlmutter will have some serious questions to answer to the voters of Colorado. 

*Note: We couldn’t find any live links to major news outlet stories on Perlmutter’s 2006 campaign ads. You can find them on Lexis Nexis if needed.