Speaking of anger management issues, a Wisconsin Democrat trying to beat an incumbent Republican legislator in a recall election was recently caught in a campaign-ending gaffe. Anyone who has ever made a phone call for a political campaign knows you are bound to encounter anything from crazy to kind on the other end of the line. You learn to roll with the punches after a tough call, forcing a smile on your face and dial the next number. Not the WI Dem in question apparently.

After getting a voter who was not inclined to support his candidacy, Fred Clark made a comment that is certain to end his candidacy. Check it out (h/t Pajamas Media):

This has the ability to harm more than just Clark’s candidacy. After the union goons (including many out-of-staters shipped in by the national union) took over the state Capitol in Madison for weeks and have engaged in thuggish behavior threatening to boycott businesses if they didn’t attack the Governor publicly, this image of a candidate threatening violence only furthers the image of a Democrat party out of control.

With Sal “The Fist” Pace’s known propensity for violent imagery towards those who disagree with him or the union boss agenda, maybe he’d be better off running in Wisconsin than the West Slope.