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Yes Eric, like every other red blooded American, we simply cannot resist the throbbing urge to crack jokes about Weiner, his campaign booty, and the whole oiled-up political circus.


Here at the Peak we often try to take national news stories and give our readers the Colorado angle that is lacking in national news coverage. Throughout the Congressman Anthony Weiner scandal we have been watching the reactions of members of Colorado's House delegation, with a special emphasis on Democrats because it is their voices that matter to Weiner.

Unfortunately, other Colorado news outlets haven't even tried to inform their readers or viewers of this local angle. Other than a blog post at The Spot, Colorado's delegation and its relation to the scandal-tainted Congressman haven't been mentioned in one dead-wood edition of a paper or TV report anywhere in Colorado as far as we can tell.

Remember Mark Foley?  Remember Jack Abramoff? Remember Tom Delay?

Any Colorado Republican who took a dime off these GOP scandal-makers paid a dear media price.

So why the different tune for Colorado's Weiner lovers?

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The Colorado Democrats have been suspiciously silent for almost all of this sad and sick scandal. Yesterday, Denver Democrat Diana DeGette finally suggested Weiner should resign. Of course, it took President Obama to make the call first before DeGette chose to chime in. But what about the Colorado Democrat who has taken $1000 from Weiner, Ed Perlmutter?

He has so far refused to return the money or donate it to charity. We found this to be stunning hypocrisy coming from a politician who rose to office using a campaign ad where he promised to go after online predators. Faced with an online predator in his own political caucus in DC, Perlmutter voiced only tepid support for an ethics investigation that no one thinks would have any effect. 

Here's the Denver Post covering the local angle to the Foley scandal in 2006:

"Democrat Ed Perlmutter, running in the 7th Congressional District, called on opponent Rick O'Donnell to join him in requesting the resignations of any Republicans who were previously aware of Foley's actions.  

Perlmutter also called for the National Republican Congressional Committee to refrain from accepting any of the $2.7 million in campaign funds that, according to federal campaign-finance reports filed in August, Foley had raised. Foley in July contributed $100,000 to the NRCC."

So back in 2006 Perlmutter demanded not just Foley's resignation (he did resign) but other Members of Congress, and now Perlmutter won't even call for Weiner's resignation?

Not only that, but Perlmutter wanted every cent that Foley had raised to be given away? We think we need to invent a new word, because hypocrisy just doesn't cut it here. Weiner gives Perlmutter $1000 in a direct campaign contribution that he insists on keeping, but Perlmutter thought Republicans should give away everything that Foley raised?

Why is this not news? Do papers prefer just to reprint AP articles on the subject without doing their own coverage or providing their readers the local angle?

They sure seem to find the time and staff resources to print articles about Colorado Republicans accepting tainted donations.