It is events like this that make us dream that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will change his mind and run for President in 2012. Despite hateful, angry rhetoric being lobbed at him from unions displeased with his attempts to clean up the financial catastrophe left by his predecessors, Governor Christie keeps charging ahead with his reform agenda. He is virtually unstoppable when he’s at the top of his game.

Last year it was a teacher's union boss publicly wishing for his death. This week it is a union boss whipping up a crowd encouraging them to enter World War III to defeat "Adolf Christie." But none of that phases Christie in the slightest. He'll take any comer, regardless of how obvious it is they've been prepped by union operatives to try to nail him with a "gotcha" question. He seems to almost relish those opportunities.

Click here to watch Governor Christie's domination of a whiny liberal trying to ask Christie a "gotcha" question on education.

Whiny Liberal: You don't send your children to public schools, you send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it's fair to be cutting school funding to public schools?  

Governor Christie: Gail, first off, it's none of your business. I don't ask you where you send your kids to school. Don't bother me about where I send mine. Secondly, I pay $38,000 a year in property taxes for a public school system predominantly that my wife and I don't choose to utilize because we believe, we've decided, as parents, that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's every day education. So we send our children to parochial school. Third, I as governor am responsible for every child in this state. Not just my own. And the decisions that I make are to try to improve the educational opportunities of every child in this state. So with all due respect, Gail, it is none of your business.