UPDATE: As a reader pointed out, what “upward trend” is Palacio talking about? Not only was Palacio’s drivel a generic DC talking point, but it reflects a significant disconnect with economic reality.


Failed DC insider, Rick Palacio, has been an unmitigated mess so far in his brief tenure atop the Colorado Democrat Party. He was unable to get his former boss and Nancy Pelosi's deputy, Steny Hoyer, to not blow the announcement of Congressional campaigns for his top two recruits. It didn't matter that the campaign announcement was blown for his third recruit, Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney, because with a creepy record of 'overuse of massage' in his practice he stands no shot at winning anyway. 
After failing miserably on the Congressional front, yesterday Palacio proved his inadequacy for the job on the Presidential level. With Mitt Romney in town to fundraise and meet with small business owners, Palacio was expected to give the standard opposing party chairman quote that summed up the Democrats attack on Mitt Romney.
The problem with Palacio is people who spend too much time in Washington, DC start talking like people who spend too much time in Washington, DC. Consider the stale bromide he gave The Denver Post:

Palacio went on to say that, “while our families are fighting to continue the upward trend in the economy, one thing is clear: Mitt Romney’s policies are far out of touch with Colorado priorities.”

His quote sounds like one developed for one of the third party groups that creates identical ads for 10 different races and just inserts the name of the opponent and state for each ad. Not that it doesn't give us pleasure to know the state Democrat Party is run by a feckless buffoon, but it's painful to read Palacio's drivel in the Post. Say what you will about Dick Wadhams, but the man could give a decent quote on the record.

As the Colorado Democrat Party is virtually run by 3rd party groups like ProgressNow the only thing Palacio really has to do is give quotes on the record. When he can't do that, you wonder how weak the Democrat Party has become in Colorado that they elected someone like him.