So much for the freedom of association, the right to assemble and other solemn sacraments in our First Amendment. Today, during a press conference where the ACLU announced it was challenging a Douglas County school voucher plan, the alleged defenders of the First Amendment over at the ACLU chucked an unsuspecting citizen from their midst because average citizens weren’t invited or allowed.

A trusted source passes on word that this citizen was a Douglas County resident hoping to tape what they thought was a public proceeding. For a group so committed to civil liberties, including stopping parents from having the liberty to choose the school for their children, the ACLU sure has an odd way of practicing what they preach (and sue). 

What is it with liberals and a complete inability to host press conferences without making fools of themselves? First it was Boulder Senator Rollie Heath kidnapping children to announce his tax hike that was "for the kids." Now it's the ACLU violating the First Amendment in announcing a lawsuit over…you guessed it…the First Amendment.